Treat Bag Topper Idea

Today was the last school day before Halloween, so I sent a little treat bag in for Gabe’s teacher  – we appreciate her so much! We printed out papers from my Candy Corn and Pumpkins digital paper pack to make super cute treat bag toppers. Thanks to a free printable “getting to know my teacher” survey we had her fill out at the beginning of the year, we happen to know that cashews are his teachers favorite treat! So here’s a little Halloween treat bag we gave her today:

The other two bags were for Julia’s teachers for “Mother’s Morning Out”. Thanks to the same printable survey, we happen to know that at least one of her teachers does NOT like nuts. So we added her favorite treats instead: caramels and Dove chocolates! It is so great to know that you are giving something they really like :). I didn’t really plan on taking pics of the other teacher bags, since I already had the one above, but I couldn’t resist – they came out SO CUTE!

Sorry these are such bad photos, I actually took them with my cell phone right before I went into the school (lame, I know). The thing that makes these ones so cute is that I added a  snapshot of Julia’s Halloween outfit she wore to school. It really took the treat bag up a notch, don’t you think? Here’s a better version of the pic of her pumpkin outfit:

OK, so if you ever need a quick treat bag for a little teacher appreciation gift, party favor or just for fun, here’s how to make one:

Treat Bag Topper Supplies:

This image isn’t the best, because I used slightly different supplies, but you get the idea: Patterned and coordinating solid scrapbook paper, white cardstock, a paper trimmer, a scalloped circle punch and a circle punch with a size that fits inside the scalloped circle, pens, treat bags, double-sided tape (or other adhesive) and a stapler. Oh, and of COURSE the treats :)!

You can use regular scrapbook paper, or print out digital paper, like I did. If you print out digital papers, just pull them up in Word or Photoshop and create a letter sized document with just enough of the pattern for your project, so you don’t waste paper and ink. I recommend using double-sided matte photo paper for best results. You will need to measure the length of your bags, and decide how tall you want the topper to be. Then just trim rectangles of patterned paper that are the correct width and double the height. Fold each piece of patterned paper in half and set aside. Now punch out the scalloped circles in your coordinating solid color and the white circles to fit inside. Write your message one the white circles, and stick them onto the scalloped circles using double-sided tape or other adhesive. Now stick the scalloped circles onto the front of the folded bag topper. Once your bags are filled with goodies, you can just staple the toppers on and you’re all set to go!

I hope you have a fun-filled Halloween :). We will be celebrating at our church’s “Harvesting for Jesus” fall festival, it’s going to be a blast!

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