Printables and Tutorials for You: Thankful Leaves

Thanksgiving is almost here! The kids and I had fun yesterday decorating our house so it will be ready for our guests next week :).

We  love the idea of “thankful leaves” for writing down the things each person is thankful for, so I put together a free printable to share, with a few ideas for incorporating thankful leaves into your Thanksgiving decor. The tutorials for these Thanksgiving decorations and the download link for the printables can be found at the end of this post.

Thankful Tree Dry-Erase Message Board (tutorial below)

I love that we can add new words easily as we think of them!

Thankful Leaf Garland (tutorial below)

I’m just crazy about garlands, aren’t you? Can never have too many :)

Printable Autumn Leaves Wreath (tutorial below)

This was my favorite – Gabe and I cut the leaves out and each wrote thankful words to decorate a wreath we made together a couple of years ago. Can you tell which were his and which were mine? I think he wrote pretty neatly, for a kindergartener! I would have written more, but he had already claimed most of my other ideas :)! We didn’t use all of our leaves, so on Thanksgiving day I plan to have leaves available for our guests to write words on to add to our wreath and garland.

Free Printable Autumn Leaves for Fall Crafts

*Click Here for the Free Autumn Leaves Printables Download*

Thanksgiving Decorations Tutorials

Thankful Tree Dry-Erase Message Board Tutorial


12×12 or larger picture frame with glass

dry-erase marker

paper for background (I used plain kraft paper)

printed tree, leaves and thankful sign

scissors and adhesive (I used double-sided tape)

Optional: printable transparency to print the tree on


  1. Print the leaves, Thankful sign, and tree. I recommend using presentation paper for nice bright colors. If you want to save time, you can print the tree onto a printable transparency like I did – if you look closely, you’ll notice I didn’t cut out all the branches :).
  2. Cut out the tree, leaves and Thankful sign, and adhere them to your 12×12 background paper.
  3. Place your Thankful tree into the 12×12 frame, and you’re done! Now you can use the dry-erase marker to add things you’re thankful for to your Thankful tree!

Thankful Leaf Garland Tutorial


scissors and hole puncher

Adhesive (I used double-sided tape)

printed autumn leaves and thankful sign

raffia or string to hang the garland with

optional: kraft or other solid paper to print leaves on


  1. Print the colorful maple leaves, Thankful sign, and optionally print another set of maple leaf shapes on solid paper using the printable template. I recommend printing on  presentation paper for more vibrant colors.
  2. Cut out the leaves and cut in between each letter of the thankful sign (the letters are very close together, but don’t worry if you don’t a perfect cut).
  3. Arrange the leaves on a flat surface in the order you would like them to be on your garland.
  4. If you are only using one set of leaves, adhere one letter of the thankful sign to each leaf. If you are using two or more sets of leaves, decide which leaves you want the letters on, then adhere the letters.
  5. Punch two holes into each leaf: one per side. If you have a heavy-duty hole punch, you should be able to stack the leaves and punch them all at once like I did :).
  6. Thread the raffia or string through the top left of each leaf, across the back, then up through the right side to create your garland.

Printable Autumn Leaves Wreath Tutorial


scissors and hole puncher

printed autumn leaves or single-sided scrapbook paper (optional)

raffia, ribbon, etc to string leaves onto

wreath (we used one we made a few years ago, but any wreath could work)

Something to write your thankful words with


  1. Print free the autumn leaves included or optionally, print the leaf shapes onto the back of scrapbook paper you have on hand.
  2. Cut out the leaves and punch two holes into each leaf: one per side.
  3. Write thankful words on some or all the leaves (depending on the size of your wreath, you may not need all of the leaves.
  4. Tie the raffia or ribbon to the wreath, then thread it through the top left of each leaf, across the back, then up through the right side, wrapping it around the wreath once each time you add a new leaf.
  5. Tie the end to the wreath when you complete the circle. You’re finished!

I hope you have fun with these! If you use them I would LOVE to hear about it, especially if you take pictures – so don’t forget to come back and let me know :)! By-the-way, if you like these printables, you might also enjoy the coordinating digital scrapbook papers I used to create them, available in my Etsy store here: Digital Scrapbook Paper by Jess Gordon.

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  2. William January 11, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    “Printables and Tutorials for You: Thankful Leaves �
    Jess Gordon Design” was a wonderful posting, can’t help but wait to look over alot more of your postings.
    Time to squander a bit of time on the net hehe. Thanks ,Dale

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