Valentine’s Day Paper Crafting Ideas

Thanks to endless inspiration on my Hearts, Valentines and Love board on Pinterest, I have been crafting up lots of Valentine’s Day goodies in the past week! Everything shown here was created using printed copies of my Valentine Hearts digital paper pack (you can download it free from my Scrapbook Ideas site). First up is a Valentine’s variation of the classic paper chain – instead of loops, hearts! I learned how to make it here, and changed it up by using my printed digital scrapbook paper instead of plain construction paper. The heart-shaped paper chain is only meant to be a temporary Valentine’s Day decoration, so I printed it on plain scrapbook paper instead of cardstock or photo paper. I also chose a lower quality level on my printer, so I could save some ink (and $$). I think it turned out great! I used the same paper and print quality on some little notebooks I made for Valentine’s Day teacher gifts.

Normally, I would use higher quality papers  for cards and gifts, but for this project the thinner paper was perfect! I used Mod Podge to adhere and seal the papers onto the covers of the notebook, then I tied little ribbons to the spiral binding. Did you know that Mod Podge causes the colors of ink-jet printed papers to become richer and deeper? It also creates a cool, textured effect, because you can see brushstrokes in the clear coating sealing the project. When I know I will be using Mod Podge on a project, I don’t bother with the highest print settings, because I know the colors will look more intense once I’m finished, plus thicker paper doesn’t seem to work as well with Mod Podge.

Of course I also made some Valentine’s Day cards! My inspiration came a little bit from this card, and this one and from this one too. I let the doodles found on the papers inspire even more doodling spilling out onto the rest of the card front – fun!

Last, but not least, I prettied up a tired old gift bag for carrying Valentine’s treats in to school – saw that idea here, but used printed digital paper instead of fabric, and Photoshop shapes instead of “eyeballing” it :).

The kids also used these printed papers to make Valentine’s cards for the family and teachers, so we got lots of mileage out of them :)! If you like the designs, be sure to head over to Scrapbook Ideas and pick up your free paper pack :)!

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